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Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Author: Ani.

We are all in this together – parents & children, teachers & business owners, employers & employees. Thank you for all you are doing during this pandemic to keep your family safe, learning, and living a healthy life. New routines, online classes, working at home, and unexpected circumstances can be stressful in different ways for fathers, mothers, children and other family members.

It's easy for us to think negative thoughts and act negatively when stressed. We might say and do things to ourselves and to our family that we later regret. Isolation is also making children irritable, impatient, and even rebellious. But there are things we can do to reduce the stress.


The most important thing we can do to manage and reduce stress during these very busy and uncertain times, is to be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to be imperfect. Allow yourself to receive grace. If things don't go well, breathe deeply, release stress, and say, “this is not the time to blame myself for not being my best". Remind yourself that you are growing in this global pandemic crisis. You don’t have to have an answer for everything. The important thing is you handle everything calmly. Pray and think things through, because as complicated it may seem, there will always be a way out.


Allowing yourself some grace gives you peace and composure, so that you are able to extend kindness to others. Give permission to others to be imperfect. These people are your husband / wife, children, father and mother, in-laws, household members, drivers, employees, neighbors and friends. Even situations or things can be imperfect. When the internet is down, children are bored of learning, the maid ruins dinner, or the driver forgets your orders- breathe deeply, release stress, extend grace, and do something different like cooking with the children, exercising, playing something fun, and even taking a nap. Then start again. Remember that children are learning, even when not doing academic activities. Helping with cooking is learning. Cleaning the house is learning. Even playing games can be learning!

Please know that this storm will pass! And kindness can overcome stress.

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