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Our EfeX literature chapter books and novels have been carefully selected for each grade level with award-winning novels, children’s classics, and life-long treasures forming the basis of the EfeX Integrated English learning experience. Children read and study stories of different places, cultures and times, significant historic events, and inspiring biographies. Students progress from learning to read to loving to learn. 

Literature-based language learning creates a broad knowledge base for your children's future success. EfeX developed the Integrated English courses as a First Language program curriculum to equip our students with English competencies needed in their academic and social settings, all the way through their college and career journeys. 

Our Integrated English curriculum is designed to foster natural English acquisition of components such as reading and writing, speaking and listening, along with a strong sense of grammar and augmented vocabulary. 

How do we achieve this "natural”?

Acquisition of knowledge and skills is a natural progression provided the right stimuli and learning experiences are provided with correct guidance and encouragement. As children progress from reading to writing, and listening to speaking, learning grammar and building vocabulary from this practical and yet academic approach occurs in a natural, first language-learning development of English competence for your children.

When a child picks up a novel and is able to complete reading comprehension (on any reading section), and then talks about it with deep insight, and then goes on further by writing his or her own thoughts, we can see that learning has happened in the most sophisticated and yet natural way. This is the EfeX way of learning English. 

Let your children travel with us through time and space where they:

  • discover Ancient, Medieval and Modern Civilizations

  • meet people from different cultures such as India, Afghanistan, China, Africa and many others

  • learn World and American History

  • are inspired by courageous and famous people in our selected biographies

  • are challenged to have strong moral values and character traits.

Our EfeX Integrated English curriculum is spread over 10 grades with 4 levels for each grade (A, B, C, D). Each grade level includes a specific focus and the continued development of literary analysis, speaking and listening goals, writing tasks, reading comprehension assignments, word and spelling lists, grammar unit studies, and the overall integration of the components to ensure that every student experiences real growth in language fluency.

From learning to read, to preparing creative writing and speeches, and from researching and analyzing literature, our students thrive in learning English the EfeX way! Come and join us! 

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Integrated English

What are the Benefits?


Students can expand their imagination and creativity by doing novel-based projects such as a diorama, a collage, a skit or a performance.

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Students will develop critical thinking from dynamic and integrated discussions about the novels.

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