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EfeX 4Cs

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EfeX Critical Thinking

Children develop critical thinking by analyzing reading comprehension from our carefully selected collection of novels. We teach children to understand passages, develop a logical sense of comprehension, and ask questions to enhance their thinking skills. By thinking critically, students equip themselves with the tools they need to go past the surface meaning of passages as they analyze novels and discover the author's intended message. Critical thinking equips students to be 'game changers' and leaders rather than followers. Critical thinking gives them he able to know real information from fake information.

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EfeX Communication

EfeX programs develop the skills to convey messages fluently and accurately through integrating reading comprehension, writing, speaking and listening modules in our EfeX curriculum. Interactive speaking and listening activities increase fluency, whereas accuracy is built upon reading comprehension and grammar concept exercises. Students also learn correct pronunciation by studying the phonetic method throughout the entire process. Interaction with native-speaker teachers motivates and empowers children in their learning development.

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EfeX Creativity

Creativity is taught at the EfeX Center through carefully constructed contexts that enable children to retain more knowledge and improve their ability to problem-solve and apply information effectively. Developing creative skills is associated with developing great communicators and inspiring innovators. Students explore and develop their creative side through our Writing and Speaking class activities that challenge and encourage them to express, test, and develop their creative ideas and concepts.

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EfeX Character

Character development is very important for a child’s entire life, both now and into their future. EfeX programs instill honor, obedience, integrity, respect, hard work, accountability, kindness, and persistence in students. True character is a trait of great leaders, innovators and creative people. Students explore and develop these traits throughout the EfeX programs. Students don't just read the novels for reading comprehension but learn about the character traits, personalities, and even the decision making abilities of characters such as Marco Polo, Louis Braille, and Prince Caspian.

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