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Why Start Early?

Children are “like sponges”, just soaking in everything in their surrounding. When it comes to learning new language, this is ideal. Our phonics program will properly build their English from scratch.

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The EfeX Phonics program is the most complete and effective course for preparing children to develop a deep capacity, and a love, for reading well. 

Our EfeX First Language Program starts with Phonics classes to encourage children to master their alphabet sounds and begin to learn English phonetically early in life. We use the most successful and proven method to help students listen to, read, and speak American English properly. American English overlaps British and Australian English but is more phonetically consistent and therefore the best choice in learning phonics. Phonics sessions include reading out loud to the children so that they can also discover the great joy of reading. Reading out loud is one of the proven pre-reading skills that prepare the students for academic agility.

Our EfeX Phonics lessons are carefully planned with fun songs, interactive games, focused activities, and delightful books to assist children in the learning process. Students learn step-by-step reading skills, and also develop a lot of vocabulary, practice listening comprehension, enhance critical reading from a young age, boost their confidence, and, significantly, speak with the right pronunciation.

Research affirms that children who learned Phonics when they were younger, are able to speak with closer to native-speaker English pronunciation. Former Phonics students consistently perform better in higher levels in the EfeX Integrated English courses compared to those who haven't had a chance to start their English learning with the Phonics program. Our own experience in teaching more than 1,000 Phonics students for more than a decade has confirmed this fact. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll your preschoolers and kindergarteners to our EfeX Phonics classes!

What are the Benefits?

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  • Early exposure of English letter pronunciation gives children a better preparation to advance their English learning as they grow.

  • Phonics learners become clearer speakers and more effective listeners of English. 

  • ​Children will have a valuable education time in Phonics, as they learn the fun and joy that is learning at EfeX!

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