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Positivity Matters, Week 3: Words Matter, Day 4: The Story of Nick Vujicic

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Author: Ani.

Editor: David Thomas M. Ed (TESOL), Learning & Curriculum Trainer @EfeX Center

Nick was born without arms and legs. Although devastated, his parents realized this was God’s will and raised Nick as a normal boy. Nick gradually learned to do things independently! But when he started school, bullies said he was stupid and pathetic. These negative words affected Nick and he considered suicide.

However, Nick learned that he was valuable to God and his parents, and he learned to use his little foot to brush his teeth, use a computer, and even drive a car! Nick learned to speak life!

Now Nick’s a famous international motivational speaker, author, and has a beautiful family.

Let’s be like Nick and speak hope into people’s lives!

See you tomorrow for A MINUTE of POSITIVITY with EfeX!

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