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Positivity Matters, Week 3: Words Matter, Day 5: Engineering Positive Words

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Author: Ani.

Editor: David Thomas M. Ed (TESOL), Learning & Curriculum Trainer @EfeX Center

Let’s create a new speech habit!

This weekend, decide to use your language wisely, then pay attention to the positivity or negativity of yourwords. Ask someone to remind youif you ‘accidently’ use negative words.In construction, this would be called reverse engineering, because from the words you are producing, you can think about the feelings that begin inyour heart!

Here are some starting points:

Replace “can’t, don’t, and won’t”, with “can, do, and will”)

Be a Learner, not a Judge.

Make “yes”, “lovely”, “enjoy” and “positive” your most frequently used words.

Fill your heart with thankfulness and positivity, so your words will be positive.

Let’s turn this pandemic into a time of opportunity!

See you next week for A MINUTE of POSITIVITY with EfeX!

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