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Positivity Matters, Week 1: Positivity Matters, Day 5: Choose the Power of Positive Thinking

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Author: Ani.

Editor: David Thomas M. Ed (TESOL), Learning & Curriculum Trainer @EfeX Center

We’ve been telling you about the growth mindset developed by Professor Carol Dwek in 2006. A growth mindset states that learning mistakes strengthen our thinking. We can increase our learning capacity to adapt better and find solutions during these difficult times.

Even if you tend to be cautious or pessimistic, like the glass half-empty attitude, you can learn to develop a growth mindset. Like the rats in our second vlog, a positive environment develops a positive mindset. And Wilma Rudolph’s story of persistence over adversity proves that positivity wins!

We teach growth mindset and the 4Cs to all our EfeX students, and in the following weeks, we’re going to help you develop a growth mindset too!

See you next week for A MINUTE of POSITIVITY with EfeX!

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