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EFEX CENTER WISDOM MATTERS # 7 – Resourceful – Resourcefulness Habits

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Author: Ani.

Editor: David Thomas M. Ed (TESOL), Learning & Curriculum Trainer @EfeX Center

Resourcefulness is an ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties. There are five steps to being resourceful:

- Think Inside The Box

- Just Do It


- Don’t Despise Small Beginnings

- Resourcefulness Habits

Let’s look at the last step of being resourceful: Resourcefulness Habits.

Congratulations! We are at the end of this Resourcefulness topic. We have gone through 5 weeks together talking about why and how to be resourceful.

Let’s Review!

It’s important to develop the skill of resourcefulness because:

1. Resourcefulness leads to personal growth and all areas of our lives: family, health, relationship, finances, sports and hobbies, social, and in the workplace: economic/entrepreneurial, leadership, and career.( Source: Intro vlog).

2. Resourcefulness expands us to become creators and producers. We turn limitations and constraints into opportunities. (Source: Thinking Inside the Box vlog).

3. Resourcefulness makes us problem solvers. We focus our attention and energy on the solution and not the problem. This includes not being perfectionist but be a doer.(Source: Just Do It vlog).

4. Being resourceful means we save time, money, energy, and etc. in doing what’s necessary but with excellence as the pursuit, instead of perfection. This way we don’t spend more resources than needed in accomplishing our goals. (Source: Getmo vlog).

5. Being resourceful increases our circle of influence and impact as long as we stay faithful in the course. In due time, we will receive positive and priceless rewards. Source: Don’t Despise Small Beginnings vlog).

Finally, here is the last step of being resourceful that ties all together: Resourcefulness Habits.

First of all, let’s talk about habits. Do you know that we are people of habits? Research says that 40% of everything we do on a daily basis in habitual. In fact, a famous quote says that our habits develop our character. I can’t emphasize enough how important habits are in our lives. John Maxwell, a leadership expert, speaker and author, said: “You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

This is good news! This means we can learn to be resourceful by changing our habits. This means, everyone can become resourceful. And if resourcefulness is one of the keys to become successful, then we are on the way to success!

So what are the habits that we need to take control of, so that it will be autopilot for us to be resourceful? Once we are aware, we can build them into our mindset and daily routines.

1. Mindset habits: read books on resourcefulness, learn from others who are resourceful to be inspired.

2. Practical habits for all categories: be creative (can we reuse or repurpose the item before we throw away?) and be organized (helps decision making).

3. Family habits: include everyone in the family, make a guideline together so this is a family affair that will create great momentum.

4. Health habits: create healthy habits together that don’t require a lot of money such as cooking and eating at home more than buying outside, and exercising by using common things we can find at home.

5. Finance habits: create a budget for the family to follow, recycle and upcycle what we already have.

6. Time habits: organize priorities, create healthy time together, manage tasks in timely manner to avoid consequences and extra costs.

7. Transport and House duties habits: organize carpool, schedule duties, create a reduced waste environment.

8. School, job, entrepreneurial tasks habits: organize priorities, goals and deadlines, create efficiency and productivity.

9. Other categories:

Add your own habits and stick to them!

Enjoy being on the Resourceful Path!

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