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From preschool to high school, EfeX First Language Program is a curriculum designed to be a journey of learning English as a First Language learner. Our students progress from learning to read and write to composing well-crafted research papers, presenting creative and engaging speeches, learning Greek and Latin, surveying key works of British Literature, and successfully preparing themselves for academic tests such as Cambridge tests, and college entrance exams such as IELTS, TOEFL iBT, and SAT. EfeX First Language Program also equips students for college transfers and career developments.


Through our complete and effective Phonics program, we prepare kids to develop love for reading. Our First Language Program starts with Phonics classes to encourage children to master their alphabet sounds and begin to learn phonetically...

Integrated English

Our literature selection is appropriate for each grade level and is loaded with award-winning novels, children’s classics, life-long treasures, stories of cultures, people of the world and biographies. Students progress from learning to r...


TOEFL and SAT are very important for students who want to study overseas. Many universities in USA require high scores for both TOEFL and SAT to enter the school. We are here to help prepare the students for the real tests. We provide ma...

INTO University Studies

INTO™ is a preparation system designed to help students with slightly lower GPA and TOEFL/ SAT score to enroll to universities in U.S., China, and U.K. Into’s Pathway Program combines intensive language study, academic skills developme...


EfeX’s homestay program is a unique three-week program filled with fun, friendly and fantastic cultural and learning experiences.

During the first two weeks, students are put in caring host families that uphold excellent tr...

Homestay USA 2016

What is Homestay USA?
The homestay prog...

Available Classes

Summer 2017 starts from July 17 and ends on September 15.
Our Summer Classes are the following: 

EP 1
EP 2

EP 3 
BP 1
BP 3

IE 1 : 1A, 1D
IE 2: 2A, 2C...