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Project Based Learning Student Exhibits


EfeX is having a brand-new event, what will be a fresh program to display out PBL results!
As you know, we have been slowly integrating Project Based Learning, or PBL, into our curriculum. And the results are showing!

Project Based Learning at EfeX is a cutting edge method of learning and we want every child to succeed in their future endeavors by equipping them with our education. Our students have done excellent jobs at making their projects. We are incredibly proud to show off their hard work and creativity.

We invite parents to come and support their children on our 2017 Summer Open House.

Where: EfeX Permata
When: September 13, 14, 15. (Wednesday through Friday). 

Please come and enjoy our open house!
There will be live performances, video presentations, project displays and refreshments served. 

We hope to see you.