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“After I’ve been with EfeX I don’t use English for basic conversation but also I learned how to speak in front of public.”

- Metta - EfeX Alumnus

“The advantage of EfeX is that they use American curriculum, which help children to understand the material better. So many other moms said that it's too easy in other English courses, that even the school's English material is ahead of the other courses'.”

- Mrs Mieta - Parent

His thinking ability has improved a lot since he joined EfeX .

- Mr. Boon - Parent

My youngest daughter started Phonics in EfeX, she corrects my pronunciation many times now. Her vocabulary increases dramatically, I think she knows a lot more words than me.

- Mrs Linda – Parent

“SAT dan TOEFL are very important for their next step of their education. I think EfeX has done a great job of preparing students to face the real tests.”

- Mr Anton - Parent

“Learning at EfeX is really good. It helps improve my English and my speaking, especially for the correct usage of grammar and vocabulary.”

- Howie - EfeX Alumnus

The curriculum is so intensive and literature-based. I have tried to compare Efex with other English centers and found EfeX is the best.

- Debbie Tidball - Parent