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The 4Cs of Efex


Our focus is on developing children’s communication skills, as we want them to be able to convey themselves fluently and accurately. We aim to achieve this goal by integrating reading comprehension, writing, speaking and listening modules in our curriculum. Interactive speaking and listening activities will increase fluency, whereas accuracy is built upon reading comprehension and grammar concept exercises. Students will also learn correct pronunciation by studying the phonetic method throughout the entire process. Improved ability in English will increase the students’ confidence and motivate them to learn more.

.Critical Thinking

Children are encouraged to develop critical thinking by analyzing reading comprehension from our carefully selected collection of novels. We want to teach children to understand passages, use their logic to comprehend the message, and ask questions to enhance their way of thinking. By thinking critically, students will equip themselves with the tools they need to go past the surface meaning of passages, and analyze novels to study what message the author wishes to convey. This principle inspires students to apply a more critical thought process in every aspect of their own lives, and helps them to tackle problems and obstacles in a new level.


Creativity is a very important trait for students during the learning process, as children who learn creatively will be able to retain more knowledge and improve their understanding. We believe that children who nurture their creative instinct can grow up to be great speakers and inspiring writers. Students will have the opportunity to explore their creative side through our Writing and Speaking classes that encourage them to express their ideas and concepts in a polished form.


We believe that character development is very important for the children’s future. Our values focus on instilling honor, obedience, integrity, respect, hardworking, accountability, kindness and perseverance in the students. We hope that by improving their character, our students will become great leaders in whatever task they set out to accomplish. Students will explore these traits throughout our entire program, particularly the Speaking and British Literature classes, where students work hard to cooperate with each other to accomplish group projects and host dramas.